We understand that when buying a used vehicle of any age - no matter how well we prepared - the unfortunate can occur.

We have built our reputation on being an honest, family run, business. When customers do occasionally get an issue with their purchase, they are able to contact us to help resolve an issue ASAP.

We offer two types of warranties:


This covers customers within a 100 miles radius of us.


Our warranty covers the breakdown or failure of all major mechanical components such as: Engine, gearbox, clutch, Drive train, differential, Steering and suspension and braking systems.


If you do incur a mechanical problem and a claim is needed, you must inform us first so that we can repair the vehicle ourselves or give authorisation for an external repairer to carry out the work needed.

Please note if this procedure is not followed then your warranty will be void.

Warranty wise warranty

As a defender specialist we get many customers from far and wide across the UK and its' not possible for us to give our own warranty to customers who are further a field. We put a 6 month Warrantywise warranty on customers vehicles who are over 100 miles from us.